All of our hunts include the following services:

    Transportation: Bucks Forever staff will provide transportation to and from Regina airport. We can assist in booking a rented vehicle for you if you prefer.

    Lodging: insert description here

    Meals: Home cooked meals

    Guides: Our hunts are fully guided. This includes retreival of animal and skinning.

    Meat Processing: Cutting, wrapping, freezing available.

    Taxidermist: Available at additional cost

Firearms Regulations: Non-Resident Firearm Declaration forms can be downloaded from This is a temporary permit required to take your gun in and out of Canada. A $50.00 refundable fee is also required. This form should be filled out in advance but must be signed in the presence of a Canada Customs Officer at the border crossing. They will also record the serial # of your gun. Hand guns and fully-auto long guns are strictly prohibited in Canada.